How central banks catch their breath after years of austerity

After years of largely unbroken (and record breaking) interest rate hikes, central banks around the world are finally catching their breaths with newly introduced rate cuts. – Written by Seref Doğan Erbek

World Bank’s Global Economic Prospects: Key Insights for 2024-25

The World Bank’s Global Economic Prospects report for 2024-25 provides a comprehensive analysis of the global economy’s current state and future trajectory. – Written by Seref Doğan Erbek

UN: The gap between rich and poor countries is growing, again

In a reversal of recent trends, the UN has found that the gap between rich and poor countries is steadily widening. This is according to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)’s 2023-24 Human Development Report published in March 2024. – Written by Seref Dogan Doğan

Payments. ECB defends cash: ‘We will protect those who prefer to pay this way’

While many countries and regions around the world are moving away from cash to more and more innovative payment methods, the EU seems to be doubling down on cash. – Written by Seref Doğan Erbek

Why 2024 is the year of Generative AI

With the proliferation of generative AI in all manner of sectors, it’s natural to wonder, could 2024 be the year of generative AI? – Written by Seref Dogan Doğan

Global Risks Report 2024: The World Economic Forum’s global overview

Here’s a quick summary of the key risks highlighted in the Global Risks Report 2024 and how they are likely to play out over the next decade. – Written by Seref Dogan Doğan

Setback for Fed and ECB on interest rates. What happens now?

The Fed and ECB have decided to keep interest rates unchanged after a period of consecutive hikes due to growing fears about the global economy. So what happens now? – Written by Seref Dogan Erbek

The fear of global public debt: a looming economic crisis in Europe

The specter of global public debt has become an ever-present concern haunting economies across Europe. But with recent unprecedented rises in public debt burdens, there’s growing concern that the region’s finances are precariously poised. – Written by Seref Doğan Erbek

Increasing employment in renewables: almost half are in China

In line with the increasing deployment of renewable energy projects worldwide, jobs in the sector are also surging — and China is far and away the top employer within the space. – Written by Seref Dogan Doğan

IMF: the climate challenge is playing out in emerging countries

As temperatures rise, natural disasters become more frequent and intense, and sea levels continue to rise, emerging countries face a range of threats that could have devastating consequences. – Written by Seref Dogan Doğan